The Hopes and Hype of Indian Millennials [Grand Tamasha]

There is arguably no more consequential generation to the future of India than today’s millennials. The median age of India’s population is just 28 years old. This means that Indian millennials number around 400 million–roughly one-third of the entire Indian population. By the year 2021, two-thirds of India’s population will be within the working age of 20-35 years. It is no exaggeration to say that the economic, political, and social views of India’s youth will have a profound effect on the country’s future trajectory.

I joined Milan Vaishnav on the Carnegie Endowment and Hindustan Times‘ weekly podcast ‘Grand Tamasha’ to talk about my research on the economic aspirations, social views, and political attitudes of Indian millennials.

We talk about India’s much-ballyhooed “demographic dividend,” whether there is an Indian Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez waiting in the wings, and why India’s youth are bullish on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

Listen in here!

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