Research and Publications

[Essay] Hope and Anxiety Among Liberalization’s Children, Mint (January 2020)

[Op-ed] Demography of a Protest, OPEN (December 2019)

[Podcast] Vivan Marwaha on the Hopes and Hype of Indian Millennials, The Grand Tamasha, Carnegie Endowment (November 2019)

[Comments] Narendra Modi recast as rugged environmentalist with Bear Grylls, Financial Times (August 2019)

[Op-ed] The secret behind millennial support for India’s Modi, The Washington Post (May 2019)

[Comments] Narendra Modi: from impoverished tea seller to master of political theatre, The Guardian (May 2019)

[Four-part Reportage] Madhya Pradesh’s youth voters, Firstpost (May 2019)

[Op-ed] The Delhi job fair was a sad reminder of India’s deepening unemployment crisis, The Print (January 2019)

[Op-ed] Indian technical education needs wholesale reform, The Times of India (September 2018)

[Op-ed] For Indian millennials, 2019 is going to be all about Modi’s personality not policy, The Print (July 2018)