Demography of a Protest

As protests against the Narendra Modi government’s recently passed Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) continue to intensify in cities across India, one of the most notable and unique features of the demonstrations has been the demographics of those protesting.

Taking a closer look at the sea of young people out on the streets, you will notice that these are not the usual jhola-carrying left-leaning activists. Many of them are not very political, and some are so young that they either needed permission from their parents to be demonstrating or had spent time thinking about alternative alibis. They are a motley but growing cadre of college students, unemployed youth, working professionals, housewives, and some are even grandparents. Many were Modi voters, fed up with a Government they said was more obsessed with cultural issues than with fixing the country’s stagnating economy and worst unemployment crisis in 45 years.

Read my full piece on how the demography of those protesting the Modi government’s Citizenship (Amendment) Act for OPEN Magazine here.

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