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As I finish my forthcoming book on the economic aspirations, social views, and political attitudes of Indian millennials, I will be posting regular columns, research reports, and thoughts as my research progresses. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and follow this blog to stay updated!

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For decades, Indian policymakers have been grappling with solving the country’s long-running ‘brain drain.’ With scores of Indians creating growth in Silicon Valley, the Middle East, and various other regions, India has failed to capitalize on its technological talent. As a result, innovation in India has been slow to evolve, and only recently has the […]

As I talk to friends and family about my research, I often get asked about the exact definition of a millennial.   To put it simply, the term ‘millennial’ is used to refer to people born between 1982 and 2004.   For anyone wondering why the generation begins and ends in these exact years, the […]

Unfortunately, we lack comprehensive (or really, any) data on Indian millennials. Therefore, I have to gather and construct my own data set, and you can help me by taking this short survey! The survey is designed to understand the economic aspirations, cultural views, and political attitudes of Indian millennials. Take the survey here: https://whatmillennialswant.questionpro.com Given that […]

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